Who the heck is

Christian Younggren?

Christian Younggren stands as a luminary within the automotive industry, boasting a remarkable career spanning over three decades. His journey commenced in 1992 at Mills Chevrolet in Moline, IL, immediately following his graduation from Augustana College with a degree in Business & Psychology. Over the course of 13 years, Christian ascended through the ranks, transitioning from a Salesperson to pivotal roles such as Finance Manager and Sales Manager.

In 2000, Christian's commitment to excellence was underscored when he was selected to attend the esteemed NADA Dealer Candidate Academy, a pivotal moment in his journey. As General Sales Manager at Mills Chevrolet, he led a sales team that not only shattered records in sales volume but also set new standards for customer satisfaction.

However, Christian's passion for growth and development continued to drive him forward. Transitioning seamlessly into sales training, he refined his expertise with renowned organizations such as Cars.com, GP Strategies, and eventually as Director of Sales Training & Business Development with Smart Automotive in Davenport, IA. Here, Christian focused not only on the technical aspects of sales but delved deep into the psychology of sales and negotiation, honing his understanding of human behavior and decision-making processes.

This concentrated focus on the psychology of sales and negotiation became a cornerstone of Christian's approach, setting him apart as a performance coach of unparalleled insight. Through Kaizen Automotive Consulting, he offered bespoke training and coaching programs that not only enhanced sales techniques but also delved into the intricacies of human psychology, empowering industry professionals to understand and influence customer behavior effectively.

Yet, Christian's drive for excellence knew no bounds. While nurturing his consultancy, he concurrently made history as the first Regional Training Manager for the Kunes Sales Training team within Kunes Auto Group. His unwavering passion for learning and commitment to excellence earned him recognition as a founding member of the esteemed Cialdini Institute of Influence.

Beyond his illustrious career in automotive sales training, Christian is a multifaceted individual with diverse interests. From his involvement in real estate management to his pursuits in martial arts, reading, and traveling with his family, Christian embodies a spirit of curiosity and continuous growth.

What does Kaizen mean?

“KAIZEN" means continuous improvement! It pretains to continuing improvement in personal life, home life, social life, and working life. It's not just our company name, it's my philosophy.

Many times us humans over estimate what we can acheive in a day and give up too soon. That is too bad because on that same note, we underestimate how much progress we can make in a year... that is if we just make small incremental, consistent, continous improvements to your craft everyday!

I can help you do what you know you should do, but for some reason don't do what you know you should do! Everyone needs a coach.

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